8 Signs you need an electrician in Lymington

Signs you need an electricianIf you have electrical problems in your house, you’re probably not sure if you should fix things yourself or call for an electrician in Lymington. You may have already Googled the issues, or perhaps seen a tutorial on You Tube?

It could be that you feel ready to fix your appliances and electronics. Right? Well, what if you’re wrong? It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Fixing electrical problems

Every year, lots of people get seriously injured while trying to fix electrical problems in their home or business. If you are in any doubt, your best bet is to call a professional electrician. As a domestic electrician, we are trained and qualified to deal with electrics in the home safely and with the minimum of disruption.

You might need a qualified electrician

Here are our top 8 signs that suggest that you need to call an electrician instead of attempting DIYs:

You have old house wiring

replace house wiringUnlike most electrical equipment around the home, the majority of the house wiring is hidden. So it is quite difficult to establish if you have old wiring and you may need to call an electrician to replace them. Old electrics aren’t safe and can cause electrical problems as well as being a fire risk.

But here’s a quick rule of thumb to help you – If you have been living in your home for more than 25 years, or the house is over 10 years old we recommend you call an electrician for a condition report. Especially if you have never had any electric repair work done.

If you aren’t sure how old the wiring in your house is, you can check out our other article on rewiring a house. Of course, you can get in contact with us today.

There’s a problem with electric shocks

A good electrical installation is one that keeps the electricity contained! When small amounts of electricity “escapes”, it can shock or burn you as well as being a fire risk. Generally, the first sign of escaping electricity is when you receive a mild shock when turning a switch on or while plugging in an appliance. A lot of people tend to think that it’s static electricity. But from our experience, it’s better to be safe than sorry and call an electrician to check.

You can hear electrical noises

With some electrical problems, you will hear electrical noises. Initially, you may hear buzzing and humming, and think nothing of it. But this is often a sign there are electricity faults. If it’s left for too long you may also experience sputtering and sparking. If you notice electric noise in a particular area of your home, it’s a sign you need to call an electrician.

Hot sockets

Other than electrical noises and shocks, another issue that people face is that their wiring gets hot while they use electricity. If the issue is near a power outlet, you will notice that the socket cover will become hot. Potentially there will also be a burning smell. If you are experiencing this problem, it’s time to get in touch with an electrician in lymington. Don’t use the socket until it has been fixed!

The lights are flickering

If your wiring is not up to the mark, electricity may travel to different outlets in different speeds. This inconsistent speed would cause the lights to dim or flicker. You could have old wiring to new light fitting. You may also notice that your devices and appliances aren’t operating correctly or consistently. This may also lead an electrical socket not working. These are all symptoms of old electrical wiring and electricity faults that you should get fixed.

Have you experienced any of these electrical problems so far? If so, it’s a sign that you need to call an electrician. As a trusted local electrician in Lymington, get in contact with us today – call us on 01590 679081.

You circuits are tripping

electrical testingSometimes, people experience electrical issues due to insufficient power in the home. If your house doesn’t have enough electrical circuits to support all the fixtures and appliances, it may cause the system to overload.  This is what causes localised electricity faults and circuits to trip. Get in touch today – we are used to troubleshooting electrical problems in-house electrics. We’ll establish whether you need to get a secondary electrical panel, or add more circuits in your house.

Are you using too many extensions?

If you are using too many extensions, you should stop doing so. This can cause the circuit to overload and worst case, that can lead to an electrical fire. A common mistake that people make is that they tend to use extension cords linked to other extension cords. As a side note to this, make sure that you plug in large appliances directly to a socket and not in an extension. If you feel that you need more electrical sockets, call an electrician and get some installed.

Your house Is more than 25 years old

If your house is more than 25 years old, you need to get your wiring and electrics upgraded. There are a number of new safety features mandatory in the UK, and your house may not have those essential safety features. This way, you could be unintentionally putting yourself as well as your house at risk. We can carry out an electrical condition report and establish whether your house needs rewiring.

Live Locally? Get in Touch with an electrician in Lymington

Have you been looking for a trusted local electrician in Lymington? Do you have any of the electrical problems we’ve just mentioned? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Punton Electrics are professional electricians in Lymington covering the New Forest and Hampshire region. We have a team of qualified electricians to take care of all your electrical problems.

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