Electrical Issues that could Make or Break Your Home Sale

Don’t sell your home with questionable wiring and electrical issues in place. Learn what you need to upgrade or replace before the sale, from Punton Electrics.

Considering putting off upgrading the electrical in your home because you plan to put it on the market? Hold up! It’s a bad idea to sell a home with poor electrical systems. It can make the house less attractive proposition for purchase. Equally, it can give the purchasers more negotiating leverage on the price.

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So, what should you replace before the sale and what can you leave to the judgement of buyers? Learn what to upgrade or replace before selling a home with the help of an electrical condition survey from Punton Electrics.

Electrical Issues Often Deter Potential Buyers

You understand the importance of increasing your home’s curb appeal. You may even have spruced up the living room with a lick of paint. But what you might not realise is that what’s hidden behind the scenes can quickly send the savvy buyer shopping elsewhere for a home. Although, we understand you don’t want to spend a fortune on a home you’ve outgrown. It is wise though, to learn when to update house wiring or control panels, ensure you get the best price on your home sale.

Which Electrical Upgrades are the Most Enticing for Home Buyers?

Old fuse box? We think not. These electrical upgrades are key to reducing the need for endless price negotiations following a viewing. These electrical issues top tips will help you optimise the value of your home.

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Outdated Wiring Systems

Wiring systems that have been in place since the dawn of time (itself, a leading cause of home fires), will have both home shoppers and homeowner’s insurance companies headed for the hills. For safety and to manage the increasing load of today’s electronics systems, your home should have modern wiring. Here’s a recent post on tips to tell if you need to rewire a house, that you may find useful.

Antiquated Electrical Supply

Your home should be wired to receive higher modern day amperage. Older homes used far less and were built to a lower amp capacity, which will struggle to support the sheer number of electrical fixtures, appliances, and electrical load today’s homeowners require.

Pin Sockets

Nothing says ‘it’s not gonna work’ to today’s tech-savvy buyers like dusty 2-prong pin sockets or dolly switches. It’s the digital age, and today’s home buyers want plugs (and wiring) they can depend on. All sockets must be conform to modern standards. Buyers will care about their sensitive, smart gadgetry.

Not Enough Sockets

A socket per room is far from impressive, and extension leads are a cumbersome nuisance. Multiple sockets should found in every room, in convenient locations. Not sure where to put them? Don’t worry, Punton Electrics can advise on what people are looking for.

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Ancient, Undersized (or Missing) Fuse Panels

All wiring should run through a fuse panel or consumer unit. Those that are old or outdated (big white ceramic-style fuses), improperly modified, or undersized (why are the lights flickering?) will stall the home sale, effecting not just the function and value of your home, but could also impact its insurability.

Electrics in Wet Areas

There are special restrictions on electrical work in wet areas where there is the greatest danger of electrocution. No power sockets are allowed other than shaver sockets, which must be located away from the splash zone from showers. Switches and electrical appliances within a bathroom should be IP rated or with just a very low voltage signal cable, such as Cat5.

Get and Electrical Inspection

Thinking of putting your home on the market? An electrical inspection can help you circumnavigate sales issues. It can help with a faster, higher value home sale. Contact Punton Electrics and book your inspection today.