What it Means to be an NICEIC Approved Electrician

The NICEIC champions electrical safety and high standards in electrical services. So, for the customer needing an approved electrician in Lymington it means a lot. For sixty years it has been assessing the electrical competence of electricians to compile a register of ‘Approved Electricians’.

Approved Electrician in Lymington

Contractors are approved via a rigorous assessment process. This includes reviewing a sample of the contractor’s work. Or inspecting documentation and equipment from recent jobs as well as evaluating the competence of key supervisory staff. Regular reassessment then ensures ongoing compliance with NICEIC standards.

Approved Electrician Status

So, for a contractor holding an Approved Contractor status, customers are assured that they are employing electricians that conduct quality work according to high safety standards. It means a lot to the electrician too. Being part of NICEIC opens up opportunities to expand client bases and to benefit from ongoing training and industry knowledge.

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Confidence & Customer Protection

If you are looking for a domestic electrician (or indeed a commercial or industrial electrician), it is highly important to use a competent contractor. Electrical work needs to comply with strict safety standards. So, an NICEIC Approved Electrician promises a high standard of quality, which in turn gives valuable peace of mind for you, the customer.

NICEIC approval also gives customers confidence in the electricians’ abilities. NICEIC Approved Electricians are likely to have benefitted from the training and information resources that NICEIC offers. Staying up to date with changes in the industry and understanding a wider range of electrical situations.

Commitment to Excellent Electrical Services

Committed to delivering exceptional levels of customer service to their Approved Electricians, NICEIC offers contractors access to a huge technical library, handy documentation, support personnel and of course, use of the NICEIC logo.

NICEIC Approved Electrician

At Punton Electrics, we put the high standards of the NICEIC into everything we do. We always adhere to the highest levels of safety and perform the best quality work possible for our customers. We constantly develop and enhance our wealth of skills with up-to-the-minute industry information to ensure that we’re able to apply maximum expertise to each and every electrical project we do.

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