Top Valentines Inspired Lighting Ideas

Create the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day atmosphere for that someone special! At Punton Electrics we are firm believers that the best way to create an atmosphere is with lights. So, let your love shine with our Valentines lighting ideas…


Adding Ambience

Adding dimmer switches throughout your home will allow you to change the mood with a simple twist. Dimmers can also conserve energy and extend the life of your bulbs.

Turn down the Wattage

Opt for lower wattage bulbs in areas where you’d like to add a little ambiance. Save brighter bulbs for reading lamps and work areas. This saves on energy as well.


Burning Desire

The soft romantic glow of a fireplace or candles create a warm, cozy Valentine’s Day atmosphere that’ll be sure to have your sweetheart snuggling up next to you.

Get that Rosy Glow

Give your usual lights a short reprieve and swap them for a few soft pink bulbs. They will soften and warm the room with a perfect, Valentine-inspired shade.

Go Glamorous

Adding glamorous light bulbs to your décor adds instant romance. Look for multi-coloured bulb options in LEDs, stained glass bulbs or lampshades if you’re feeling extra-adventurous.


Get Crafty

Valentine’s Day heart mason jars offer a simple and sweetly hand-made gift for your honey. All you need is a string of LED lights and a few simple items you may have around the house.

Add String Lights

Strategically placing a few strings of lights entwined with flowers or Valentine’s Day inspired garland can add a fun and romantic feel to any room. Want something more unique? Opt for red heart string lights.


Let It All Hang Out

Chandelier decorations such as strings of hearts and arrows can add a Valentine’s Day feel to existing lighting. SAFETY NOTE: If you’ve not got LEDs, opt for firesafe materials or designs that place decorations far from heat producing bulbs.

Brighten Up Your Bling

LED light up hearts necklaces and flashing heart rings are great, low cost accessories to light up Valentine’s Day.


Valentines Lighting Ideas

Valentine’s Day looking a little dim? Take some hints and tips from Punton Electrics and brighten things up with our Valentines lighting ideas. Looking for a local electrician in the New Forest? Contact us today.